How do I set up mail server?

We used to set our SMTP and POP3 server as cc.ncu.edu.tw. From now on, please set SMTP server as smtp.cc.ncu.edu.tw and POP3 server as pop3.cc.ncu.edu.tw. The format of E-mail address still is xxxxxxxx@cc.ncu.edu.tw.

How do I receive my e-mail from Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail via POP3?

  • Click 【E-mail forward service】
  • Enter Computer Center account and password.
  • Enter the mail address which you want POP3 forward to and click save.

How do I disable POP3 keeping my e-mail on mail server?

Most of the MUA (Mail User Agent) can’t manage e-mails on mail server very well and burdened the server. Since 2001/3/1, our mail server would not keep your e-mails after you have read them on your MUA. Faculties and staffs who need mail server to keep your e-mails after you read it please send an e-mail to ncucc@cc.ncu.edu.tw to apply.

How does Computer Center’s mail server implement SSL?

POP3: stunnel; sendmail: starttls

I don’t live in the dormitory; why does the system refuse to send e-mails and pop up an error message saying “Relaying denied. IP name possibly forged []” every time when I try to send a mail?

It’s because every mail server set some limitations to prevent being used as spamming server, this problem can be solved in two ways:

  • Change your SMTP server to the one your ISP provided (EX: ms22.hinet.net or seed.net.tw). Although this is a more efficient way, it’s not an ideal way for notebook users since they may want to send e-mails at school and at home. If you change your SMTP server to the one your ISP provided, you won’t be able to send e-mails at school, because your ISP will deny your request.
  • Set smtp.cc.ncu.edu.tw/smtp.ncu.edu.tw as your SMTP server and disable any SMTP inspecting function of your antivirus software. Among all the reasons that you can’t send your e-mail, the probability of antivirus software blocking is more than 90%!

Why do I receive a warning saying “The security certification of the server which currently connect to could not be verified. The certification method is not identical to the one CA specified. Are you sure you want to continue?” when I use my MUA (Mail User Agent) to send/receive e-mails? How do I fix this?

Please refer to installing CA certification.

I‘m a graduate but I haven’t graduate from school over 5 years, why did my e-mail account deactivated?

To avoid waste of resources, if a graduate hasn’t use his account over three months, his account would be deactivated temporarily and all of the e-mails would be deleted. Please send an e-mail to ncucc@cc.ncu.edu.tw to apply for activating account.

The system stopped when I tried to receive an e-mail. How do I fix this?

If an error message saying “[ERR/usr/mail/finesse.pop lock busy!]” pop up when receiving an e-mail, it indicates that you might have disconnected abnormally or the system stopped unexpectedly, causing the mail server mistaken you’re still receiving/sending e-mail. That’s also why you won’t be able to receive your e-mail in your next login.

What is the volume limitation of per e-mail sent?

Currently, it’s 20 Megabytes.

Can a graduate keep his e-mail account?

From year 2001, Computer Center will keep a student’s e-mail account for five years after a student graduated.

I’m a graduate and I forgot my password, neither do I have my student ID card, how do I change my account’s password?

From year 2001, Computer Center went on a trial program to keep a graduate’s e-mail account for five years, please keep the following notices in mind.

  • In order to prevent students forget their password and lost their student ID card at the same time, please visit the link below to answer some questions. You will be able to change your password online after you answer those questions.
  • In order to avoid waste of resources, Computer Center will check whether an account has been logged in. If an account hasn’t been logged in for over three months, that account would be deactivated and all the e-mail in the mail box would be deleted. If you want to activate your account, please apply to ncucc@cc.ncu.edu.tw .
  • We offer e-mail forward service, please go to【e-mail forward service】to apply for this service. NCU will contact graduates by their Computer Center e-mail address.