Can a graduate keep his e-mail account?

From year 2001, Computer Center went on a trial program to keep a graduate’s e-mail account for five years, please keep the following notices in mind.

  • In order to prevent students forget their password and lost their student ID card at the same time, please visit the link below to answer some questions. You will be able to change your password online after you answer those questions.
  • In order to avoid waste of resources, Computer Center will check whether an account has been logged in. If an account hasn’t been logged in for over three months, that account would be deactivated and all the e-mail in the mail box would be deleted. If you want to activate your account, please apply to ncucc@cc.ncu.edu.tw .
  • We offer e-mail forward service, please go to【E-mail Forward Website】to apply for this service.
  • NCU will contact graduate students by their Computer Center e-mail address.

I‘m a graduate but I haven’t graduate from school over 5 years, why did my e-mail account deactivated?

To avoid waste of resources, if a graduate hasn’t use his account over three months, his account would be deactivated temporarily and all of the e-mails would be deleted. Please send an e-mail to ncucc@cc.ncu.edu.tw to apply for activating account.

Can I use Academic edition software?

According to Microsoft Campus agreement, students can obtain permanent license of the software in newest version at the time they graduate.

How do I download Academic edition software?

  • Both authorization code and software can be acquired fromhttps://portal.ncu.edu.tw/. Please click “Authorized Software” in “Quick Window” after you logged in. Before you download any software or obtain any activation code, enter your Computer Center account and password again. Users should keep activation code and software carefully and users are not allowed to give activation code or software to unlicensed users. The file format of provided software is ISO image.
  • Please call Computer Center at #57555 or #57566 or #57511 if you have any question.

I have some problems with KMS authentication.

Please refer to KMS troubleshooting.

Can I log into portal?

Graduate’s Computer Center account will become invalid five years later after graduation. An invalid account can still log into portal and halen authenticated servers, but it won’t be able to change its password. If you forget your password, please change it before your account become invalid.

My Computer Center account is still valid, how do I change my password?

There are three ways to change your password.

  • Please refer tohttps://tarot.cc.ncu.edu.tw/newpass/
  • Bring your National Identification Card (graduates) or Student ID Card (undergraduates) and go to Computer Center Service Desk to apply for changes.
  • Scan or take a picture of your ID (make sure it’s clear enough to be recognized) and send it to ncucc@cc.ncu.edu.tw to apply, don’t forget to leave an e-mail address for further contact. The password will be changed in three work days at latest.