CA Software

What are the regulations of Microsoft Campus Agreement?

Valid period: From each year’s 8/1 to next year’s 7/31.
Valid user: Every student registered in NCU, graduates can obtain permanent license of the software in newest version at the time they graduate.
Valid products:
Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS) Upgrades
Microsoft Office Pro
All of the products can be used in newest version or in older versions. Both authorization code and software can be acquired fromhttps://portal.ncu.edu.tw/. Please click “Authorized Software” in “Quick Window” after you logged in. Before you download any software or obtain any activation code, enter your Computer Center account and password again. Users should keep activation code and software carefully and users are not allowed to give activation code or software to unlicensed users. The file format of provided software is ISO image.

When DOS print out “… is not recognized as internal or external command, operable program or batch file”, how do I fix it?

cscript is not internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
We can try the following steps to fix it.
  1. Right click “Computer” in start menu, then click “properties”
  2. Click “Advanced system settings”
  3. Click “Advanced” tab
  4. Click “Environment variables”
  5. Choose “PATH” in system variables and click edit.
  6. Change the contents into” %SystemRoot%\system32” and click finish.

How do I check my office’s version?

Do I need to authenticate windows 7 academic edition periodically?

The computer that installed windows 7 academic edition must connect to KMS server to update authentication every 180 days. If the computer didn’t authenticate in 30 days after installation or update its authentication every 180 days, Windows 7 will enter Reduced Function Mode (RFM). Please authenticate again to exit RFM.

Is there any other software available? (EX: MATLAB)

The software purchased by Computer Center is mainly purchased for the whole university. All of the software purchased can be acquired on portal’s “Authorized Software”. If you want Computer Center to provide any other software, please propose to a first class department, the representative of that department will hand in the proposal to NCU’s Information System Management committee and let it decide whether NCU will purchase the software or not.

Can a graduate update his windows 8 into windows 8.1?

According to Microsoft’s announcement, only personal licensed windows 8 is authenticated to update to windows 8.1, volume licensed windows 8 have to purchase volume update license to be authenticated to update. So, graduates only have permanent license of windows 8.

Can I use my academic edition software in my company?

The academic edition software provided by NCU is only authenticated to be used personally. Using academic software in other usages is not agreed by NCU, all of the risks and responsibilities have to be taken by the user, please consider carefully. Personal behavior might affect the rights of all users.