Personal Website

What is the capacity of personal web space?

The capacity of personal web space differs according to identity.
Undergraduate students: 6MB
Graduate and PhD students: 10MB
Faculty: 70MB
Official web sites of departments: 500MB

All of the above capacity can be tripled by sending a Resource transaction request form to Computer Center. If more than tripled capacity is needed, please contact Computer Center directly.

Resource transaction request form:http://www.cc.ncu.edu.tw/form/resourcech.pdf
Email account request form:http://www.cc.ncu.edu.tw/form/Unix_app.pdf
Official business account request form:http://www.cc.ncu.edu.tw/form/Unix_app.pdf
WWW account request form:http://www.cc.ncu.edu.tw/form/Unix_app.pdf

I’ve already applied a Portal account, but I still don’t know how to use my personal web space?

We assume you have already finished editing your web archive using FrontPage or Dreamweaver, please use FTP software to connect to one of the SPARC work station(sparc11~sparc20), address: sparcXX.cc.ncu.edu.tw(XX=11~20), after you logged in using your Portal account:

  1. Create a directory named “public_html” and set the permission of the directory as 755.
  2. Enter ”public_html”, and then upload all of the web archives and relative files, images, subdirectories.
  3. Now you can browse your website, type in the following address according to the account you use.

    If you’re using a student account: http://web.cc.ncu.edu.tw/~990001234/ (please replace “990001234” with the portal account which is used to login) If you’re using faculty or office business account: http://www.ncu.edu.tw/~ncu7500/ (please replace “ncu7500” with the portal account which is used to login)

I’ve already uploaded all web archives and images, but why do I get [X] when I browse my website’s image?

Please check the case of your file name, the file name of the image must be exactly the same as the one specified in HTML file. (Case sensitive)

Can I use CGI in my personal web space?

If you want to run your CGI program, please put it under “public_html” directory, and set the permission of the directory as 775. If you want to categorize your CGI program, you can create a directory (with permission 755) named “cgi-bin” and put all your CGI programs in it.