Why can't I see the login page?

Please retry after cleaning your proxy server configuration. Please refer to the administrator if it still remains unconnected.

Why can't I login?

Note that account number must include address. ex:u9063800@cc.ncu.edu.tw is the correct account number.

How come I can browse the web using browser, but some application isn't able to connect to the Internet?

NCU wireless system implements NAT technique. In theory most application will connect normally, but there may still be exceptions. Please let us know if it happens, we will try to improve it.

Will graduates be able to use the wireless network service(NCUWL)?

  1. Account become invalid once you graduate.
  2. if you still wish to use wireless service, please login with alumni e-mail accont(XXX@alumni.ncu.edu.tw) after applying for alumni account "here".
  3. Alumni account can only login wireless internet(NCUWL), TANet Wireless Internet roaming service is not available.