Password revision

  • Password revision
  • Please go to https://tarot.cc.ncu.edu.tw/newpass/chg_pass.phpto revise your password.

  • Forget your password?
    1. hhttps://tarot.cc.ncu.edu.tw/newpass/【serial number and enable code generation interface】After you fill your student ID, the system would produce a serial number and enable code, please remember both of them.
    2. Bring your student ID or staff ID to Computer Center Service Desk, service desk staff would enable you to change your password after they confirm your identity.
    3. Please go to online password revision interface's second link【Passowrd Revision (for users)】,you can change your password after you enter your serial number and enable code.
  • If you can't go to sevice desk to identify yourself in person, please send an photo or a scan of your student ID (the picture or scan of ID have to be clear enough to be recognized) to Service System Computer Center would enable you to change your password in three working day after we receive the letter. If you are in a urgent need, please go to terminal room and apply for it in person. The office time of terminal room is 8:00~23:00 every Monday to Friday and 9:00-16:00 every Saturday to Sunday(National hoiday excluded).