Print system


In order to provide better print services, Computer Center purchased new rack-mounted server and developed brand-new print system. The new print system, available since 2004/12/15, not only print files for terminal room users, but also accept print request from NCU's IP Range 140.115.*.* .

After some set up procedures, students can print out their reports and homeworks stored on their own computer using terminal room's printer at their dorm via dormnet.

Print system console website


Print system instruction

  1. Teminal room provide three kinds of printer: color laser(NT$5 perpage), black and white laser(NT$1 perpage), dot matrix(free for NCU internal member, 8 pages at most per time, 30 pages at most per day).
  2. Please purchase printing QUOTA activation code at cashier located at Administration Building before using Laser printers, each activation code's minmum purchase unit is NT$100. After purchasing QUOTA activation code, please go to Print system console website and click [Print QUOTA registration].
  3. Send the files to be printed to the printer you want.(color laser, black and white laser, dot matrix laser)
  4. Go to 【Print system console website】 with any browser on your own PC.
  5. Click『login』to login, account and password is your Computer Center e-mail account and password.
  6. Click『Print』, and choose the job you want print.
  7. Laser printers will print out the job you choose directly, so go to printer and pick up your paper after you click『Print』.
  8. Dot matrix printer is much slower and users have to check whether it is ready to print or not, so users have to click『Print』on the computer next to dot matrix printer.
  9. Other detailed instructions please refer to Print system console website.