Terminal room

Introduction of terminal room

It is important to know how to utilize Internet resources effectively! We offten hear seniors ask each other to surf on the Internet at "CC", what is "CC" exactly? "CC" is the abreviation of "Computer Center", why can we surf on the Internet at "CC"? It's because one of the service CC provided is to offer a whole room of computers for users to surf on the Internet. Let's see what other services does CC provide.


  1. Terminal room: There are about 100 computers available for both NCU's internal and external member, computers support Windows / Linux OS.
  2. Service desk of terminal room
    Terminal service desk
    Part-time worker trained by Computer Center is in charge of terminal room's system and order management.
    Other CC's official bussiness please turn to service desk.
  3. Printer of terminal room: There are currently two black and white dot matrix printer and one color laser printer available.
  4. Scanner of terminal room: There is one plane scanner available.


Location of terminal room: Terminal room, on the right side of Zhi-xi Hall's entrance with glass windows and lots of computers inside, is located at the 1st floor of Zhi-xi Hall.

Location of Zhi-xi Hall in NCU:

After the entrance coming from the big gate of NCU, turn right and go straight in the end. Then turn left and continue going straight, the orange building besides cabins is Zhi-xi Hall.Zhi-xi Hall's location in NCU

Zhi-xi Hall's location in NCU

Zhi-xi Hall(the orange building besides cabins)

Zhi-xi Hall

Terminal room(there are lots of computers in this room)

Terminal room

Office hours

typedayopen hours
during semester Monday ~ Friday08:00 - 23:00
weekend and holiday09:00 - 16:00
summer and winter vacationMonday ~ Friday08:00 - 17:00
weekend and holiday09:00 - 16:00
special holidayTerminal room is close on Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year, other special holiday would be announced on school calendar.
interim changesTerminal room is also close when it is power cut time and clean-up time, other changes would be announced accordingly.


If there are not enough computer, NCU's internal members have higher priority than external member to use the computer. After the computer is turned on, there would be a login control program ask users to enter their account and password.

  • NCU's internal member can use CC SPARC E-mail account to log in.
  • External member have to bring their ID card and register their ID number at service desk before using computer.


  • Do not bring food and drink inside.
  • Do not play video game.
  • Do not use P2P software.
  • Do not use academic network upload or download any video, software and music file that invades intelligence property right or are too extreme and outrageous.
  • The purpose of computer provided by CC is for students to selfstudy or hand in their homework, so if there are not enough computers, please do not occupy computers to use BBS, IRC or any other software that is unrelated to schoolwork.
  • Please keep the table clean.
  • Please put the chair in right position before leaving.