The Computer Center of National Central University was established in 1975 under the jurisdiction of the Office of Academic Affairs (Dean's Office). Its aim is to provide the campus a good computing environment and to promote teaching, researching and administrative efficiency. In 1986, followed by the example of NTU, the Center changed into a first class unit and was placed under direct supervision of the University President.

It has been thirty years since the Center was established, during these thirty years the Center has been leaded by these directors: Huang Wei-Te, Liu Wu-Cheng, Hua Yang, Tseng Li-Ming, Hsue Yi-Cheng, Fan Cheng-Chang, Fan Kuo-Ching and today's Sheu Jang-Ping. In the early days of foundation and under the leadership of the mentioned directors, the Center rented IBM 370/125 small-scale computers, mini-computers and large-scale host computers in order to build the high speed network backbone of the campus, including the educational area, the administrative area, the research centers, the faculty and students' dormitory. Today, the constructions are completed, and it even provides an excellent wireless network environment.

The Center has also been making every endeavor to improve the information and computer education. In 1981 there were computer training program dedicated to the faculty in order to set up a base for administrative computerization. The Center has also made every effort putting the Computer Science Practical Course into practice for every sophomore since 1986.

As for the computerization of school administration, the Center, with limited personals, has developed the Computer Course Selection and Distribution System, Students' Status Management and Qualification of Graduation System, Grades Management System, New Students' Enrollment and Distribution System. In the future these systems will be integrated into the Office of Academic Affairs Information System with the goal of information sharing. Furthermore, the Center has assisted the LanguageCenter in developing the English Proficiency Test Registration System and the Office of General Administration in developing the Articles Management System and the Property Management System.

In 1990, throughout the initial stage of the TANet (Taiwan Academic Network) foundation, the Center took in charge the management and maintenance of the Tao-Yuan Metro Network, at the same time assisting Tao-Yuan county, Chin-Men county and Lien-Jian county in constructing the County Network Center that connects the primary and secondary schools. In 2002, the Center was considered by the Ministry of Education the only extraordinary excellent unit in operating achievements among the twelve LocalAreaNetworkCenter. Furthermore, in 2002 and 2003, under the order of the University President, the Center took over the work of Distribution and Entrance of College Students, in spite of the lackness of time and delicateness of the task, the Center successfully accomplished this important mission under the eyes of the entire nation. The team spirit and the professional skills of the technical staffs of the Center is a precious property that should be treasured.

In the recent years, besides the complete installation of the hardware facilities, the Center has been active in “e-lizing” the campus and the administration, some events that are in process includes: (1) development of the School Administration Information System, (2) construction of the Distance Education Platform (Blackboard System) and (3) construction of the Official Documents and Electronic Flow Path Management System. Under the efforts of the Center's staff, we hope to develop our own specialties besides extending our long-standing operation.