Dorm Network

  • Regulations
    1. Dorm network's main purpose is for students to selfstudy, business and ilegal activity is prohibited, please comply with TANet and NCU's regulatios.
    2. If there is any user's personal problem lead to effect others' right to use dorm network, that user's network section would be disconnected until the problem is fixed.
    3. User is agreed to follow dormnet administrator's instructions, and fulfill related obligations.
    4. All TANet users must obey the following rules and fulfill following obligations.
      • All usage must comply with TANet's purposes.
      • It is prohibited to send threatening, indecency, unfriendly and business data through TANet.
      • It is prohibited to use TANet to interfere or damage any soft/hardware of other user/nodes. This kind of interfere including spreading computer virus, any intention to invade unauthorized computer system or any other similar behavior is strictly prohibited.
      • All of the resources avaliable on the Internet belongs to their owner, unless the resource is officially open for use or authorized, TANet's user is prohibited to utilize any of those resources.
    5. Ministry of Education's「Respect Internet Intellectual property」advocacy website

  • Settings
  • Please refer to FAQ-Dorm Network